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Bestselling author Michael Covel is the host of Trend Following Radio with 10+ million listens. Investments, economics, psychology, politics, decision-making, human behavior, entrepreneurship and trading -- all passionately explored and debated. Guests include Nobel Prize winners: Robert Aumann, Angus Deaton, Daniel Kahneman, Oliver Hart, Harry Markowitz & Vernon Smith. More guests: Jack Canfield, Howard Marks, James Altucher, Dan Ariely, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Kathleen Eisenhardt, Marc Faber, Tim Ferriss, Jason Fried, Gerd Gigerenzer, Larry Hite, Sally Hogshead, Ryan Holiday, Jack Horner, Ewan Kirk, Steven Kotler, Michael Mauboussin, Tucker Max, Barry Ritholtz, Jim Rogers, Jack Schwager, Ed Seykota, Philip Tetlock & Walter Williams.

Feb 29, 2012

Michael Covel interviews Charles Faulkner (a master Neuro-linguistic Programming practitioner, trader, author, and trainer). In this unique conversation, Charles and Michael discuss the topics of mental mapping, risk, expertise, the metaphor of trading to motorcycling, and how human nature and biology influence...

Feb 23, 2012

Michael Covel interviews Robert Pardo (of Pardo Capital Limited and author of The Evaluation and Optimization of Trading Strategies). Michael discusses with Bob some of his beginnings, his philosophies, and the idea of risk. Insights from a trader who has seen it all.



Feb 13, 2012

Michael Covel interviews Michael Dever author of "Jackass Investing: Don't Do It: Profit From It."


I’m MICHAEL COVEL, the host of TREND FOLLOWING RADIO, and I’m proud to have delivered 10+ million podcast listens since 2012. Investments, economics, psychology, politics, decision-making, human behavior,...