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Michael Covel interviews Brad Rotter. Rotter is a speculator, venture capitalist, and looks for big trends. He's not a trend follower per se, but he's made money in the trend following world. He was the first investor with Richard Dennis in the early 1980’s. Covel and Rotter have a wide-ranging conversation--Rotter's premise is that America has peaked and he sees Bitcoin as a tremendous opportunity. Covel and Rotter discuss how Rotter became an entrepreneur from early years as a farmer in Iowa; how he came to be Richard Dennis' first client when he started managing money; why the US is at 'peak civilization'; why technology is arbing away the need for people; how the unit of time is changing; why it's harder and harder to make an easy living; whether the US government is the greatest hedge fund in history; and why Bitcoin is a 'perfect' currency. Want a free trend following DVD:

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