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Michael Covel speaks for the second time with managed futures expert, editor/writer for Opalesque, and author Mark Melin. Melin has his fingers on the pulse of the nasty things going behind the scenes; specifically, over-the-counter ("OTC") markets and the MF Global scandal. Covel talks to Melin about his recent piece in Opalesque: "The Untold Story: Brooksley Born, Larry Summers & the Truth About Unlimited Risk Potential". Most understand stock and futures exchanges; you can trade in these exchanges and expect a certain amount of regulation and transparency, and people understand the balancing side of the equation. However, the OTC derivatives that Melin has been digging into are completely off the everyone exposed to a possible mega-implosion in the near future. Melin discusses the history of these unregulated derivatives and notes that if the problems that were initially identified by Brooksley Born in 1998 are not properly addressed, the next market catastrophe could be worse than anything that has preceded it. Covel and Melin discuss the possible solutions; if politicians can actually be held accountable if there are no repercussions beyond not being reelected; and how the average American can digest this information and how it affects them. Covel also brings up the idea of the "four political parties": Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Bankers. If you look at it from that perspective can they be defeated? (Covel: "No.") You can't vote the bankers out. Melin contends that if the debt crisis in Europe unfolds banks are going to expose the US government to unlimited loss potential. Covel and Melin go on to discuss how people simply won't listen if the Dow is rigged to keep them happy; why the average person who sees the Dow at a high level today should care about this, and what they can do to protect themselves beyond sitting around and waiting for the sky to fall. Covel is the skeptic and Melin is the optimist in this fiery conversation about how to handle this situation before it implodes. Melin notes: "The Fed cannot prop up the stock market forever. At some point, gravity takes over." Covel believes the die is cast and offers trend following as an "out". Special offer free DVD:

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