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Jul 30, 2013

My guest today is Alpesh Patel, a hedge fund manager, Financial Times columnist and Bloomberg TV presenter.

The topic is his book How to Win at Spread Betting: An Analysis of Why Some People Win at Spread Betting and Some Lose.

In this episode of Trend Following Radio we discuss:

  • Comparisons betweens stocks and futures
  • What the winners have in common
  • Trade frequency, and why active traders tended to do better in Patel's study
  • Buy & holders vs. spread betters
  • Academic vs. practical insights
  • Whether Patel finds himself at odds with other Financial Times writers
  • Why people like to imagine that trend following and momentum trading doesn't exist
  • Patel's experience as an expert witness with "trend following on trial"
  • Why the average person has difficulty with betting small, cutting losses, and letting winners ride
  • George Soros, game theory and trading psychology
  • Win/loss ratios
  • A coin flipping experiment performed with Ph.D's, the importance of position sizing, and why systems aren't everything
  • Why gut instinct is the opposite of what professional traders use

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