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Today on the podcast, Michael Covel speaks with Daniel Simons. Simons is an experimental psychologist, cognitive scientist, and Professor in the Department of Psychology and the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois. Simons is most well known for his work on change blindness and inattentional blindness, two surprising examples of how people can be unaware of information right in front of their eyes. His research interests also include visual cognition, perception, memory, attention, and awareness. Covel relates all this to trading and trend following, particularly the price of oil in early 2015. Covel and Simons discuss Simons’ YouTube success; the definition of inattentional blindness; why our intuition about our own minds is often wrong; money managers and weather forecasters; serial tasking, multitasking, and focus; how Simons became immersed in this area of study; memory and attention, and the myths and misconceptions surrounding them; the notion of intuition. gut decisions, and Simons’ thoughts on Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink”; the idea of preparation in relation to expert performance; the science behind eyewitness testimony; and how our minds don’t work the way we think they do. For more information on Daniel Simons, go to or Want a free trend following DVD? Go to

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Michael Covel speaks with Mark Mobius on today’s podcast. Mark Mobius, Ph.D., executive chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group, joined Templeton in 1987. Currently, he directs the Templeton research team which is based in 18 global emerging markets offices, and manages emerging markets portfolios. Mobius oversees a team of more than 50 people managing some $45 billion. Covel and Mobius discuss key events that happened along Mobius’ development and moved him to find emerging markets as his passion; growth across Asia; the importance of being on the ground to see what’s happening in China to have a true picture of what’s going on; why what’s happening in China now is entirely different from the USSR in the early 1980’s; Mobius’ view on Vietnam, its economic and constructional changes; the two Koreas, and whether we’ll see one Korea eventually; the impact of both North and South Korea on their own; Mobius’ outlook on Myanmar; Singapore as an emerging market, and as it is compared to a city in the States; India, its growth, and how Mobius sees it moving forward; and the importance of travel, and how it changes everybody that goes out there and experiences it. Want a free trend following DVD? Go to

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Michael Covel opens up his first monologue of 2015 with a quote from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. There you have it: Willy Wonka completely outlining behavioral economics and proper investing all in a film about candy. Next, Covel quotes John Hussman’s recent piece regarding cognitive dissonance. Today, Covel has three examples of cognitive dissonance. First, Covel speaks of a recent case where a high school student was said to have made 72 million dollars. Of course, the story was false, but Covel explores. Many want to believe that these savants exist, but we all know the truth. Next, Covel discusses Hugh Hendry and why he now believes as an investor you have to sometimes believe in things that don’t necessarily exist. Good strategy doesn’t need to change based on the political winds blowing across the world. Next, Covel gives an example from a CNBC writer named Lawrence Delevingne who wrote recently on “hedge fund robots” doing well in 2014. Covel discusses these “robots” vs. “gut-driven human managers” and picks it apart. Why did trend following have such an excellent year in 2014? Covel explores and notes that trend following isn’t concerned with the previous year--it’s concerned with right now. Want a free trend following DVD? Go to

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Michael Covel speaks with Bryan Caplan on today’s podcast. Caplan is an American economist and professor of economics at George Mason University, research fellow at the Mercatus Center, adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute, and blogger for EconLog. He works in public choice theory. His books include The Myth of the Rational Voter and Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids. He has also written extensively on open borders and pacifism. Covel and Caplan discuss voting, rationality; defining “rational irrationality”; what voting patterns in America might look like if the American stock market looked like the Japanese stock market; economic growth in benevolent dictatorships vs. republics like the USA; the anti-poverty program in China; Caplan’s view on immigration and its effect on the economy; the case for more kids, and why Caplan was so passionate and so inspired as to put out a book on the subject; why genetics matter more than the style in which you raise your kids; Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” and wealth and income inequality. Want a free trend following DVD? Go to

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Michael Covel talks with Tom Basso, the trader most famously known as “Mr. Serenity” in Jack Schwager's "New Market Wizards”. Basso, now retired from managing client money, was president and founder of Trendstat Capital Management. Basso became a registered investment advisor in 1980, a registered commodities advisor in 1984, and was elected to the board of the National Futures Association in 1998. Today, he is a privat trader. This is Basso’s fourth podcast conversation, and Covel and Basso talk about the 50% drop in oil and why trend followers have done especially well with this price movement; why people like to blame speculators, and the value of speculation; emotional rushes and emotional devastation; mentally rehearsing catastrophic events; focusing 1,000 trades into the future; separating your trading from your political opinion; trend following and behavioral economics; the importance of not letting your trading define you; and Basso’s advice to newcomers to the CTA industry. For more information on Tom Basso, follow him on Twitter at @Basso_Tom. Want a free trend following DVD? Go to

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