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Today on the podcast Michael Covel speaks with Richard Noble. Noble likes to go very fast. In fact, the Scottish entrepreneur held the land-speed record between 1983 and 1997. His current team is aiming to go over 1000 MPH on the ground in a car. Covel and Noble discuss what 600 MPH feels like to someone who has never been there before; the mental processes when you're going at high speeds; process vs. outcome; the danger of emotional highs; Noble's entrepreneurial spirit; how Noble got the desire for the land-speed record at the age of six; whether Noble views his endeavors as "life threatening"; the idea of "higher risk" in life and society today; the importance of taking risks; the idea of developing a "risk culture"; motivating people to come over to your own perspective; the difficulties Noble experienced with British culture, the media, and with big companies; the parallel experiences Covel and Noble have had on the web; and where Noble stands on breaking the 1000 MPH barrier right now. For more information on Richard Noble, go to Free trend following DVD:

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