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Michael Covel speaks with Eric Wong on today's podcast. Wong is with a family office based out of Hong Kong--his own family's office. His family is a group of entrepreneurs going back many decades, and Wong discusses their history and how he got to where he is today. Covel and Wong also discuss how the rest of the world has a long way to go to understanding how China operates; the niche that Wong's family office, TCG, occupies in the trading space; uncorrelated returns; the advantages of working for a family office; the entrepreneurial history of Wong's family; trend following data, data points, and the importance of data over a long period of time; the Sharpe Ratio, and why the rest of the investing world has a problem with rejecting it; the importance of pain as a measure; why Chinese investors are more driven by returns, and often agnostic to particular investment strategies; investor optimism; "nimbleness" to new ideas in Chinese culture; and entrepreneurism in Asia and America. Want a free trend following DVD:

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