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Michael Covel talks with Dan Collins of the Dan Collins Report. Collins was the managing editor at Futures Magazine for over a decade, and has talked with many trend following traders. Recently, he put out an interesting post on his website commenting on an article called "Quant Hedge Funds Hit By US Bonds Sell-Off" which originally appeared in the Financial Times. Covel and Collins discuss the article and other subjects such as why trend followers are speculators rather than investors; why the Financial Times article showed a misunderstanding of trend following in general; headlines and what drives them; equity-centric writers; why long term trend following is disrespected and why there is a bias towards higher frequency, shorter term traders; why keeping it simple is a good strategy; fees in the managed futures and options industry; "volatility value trading"; "style drift"; why quality trend following traders under the umbrella of "managed futures" allow some lesser strategies to "free ride" on their success; different time horizons in trend following; and why trend following is declared "dead" so often. Collins also shares his views on several traders (Michael Clark, Bob Moss, Bill Dunn, Salem Abraham, and Bill Eckhardt) with short synopses of their styles and trading personalities. Collins provides a wealth of information and insight and some eye-openers along the way. Would you like a free trend following DVD? Go to:

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