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Michael Covel tells his friends in China and Vietnam, "At least you know where your government stands". They know what the deal is. Unfortunately, Covel's home country of America seems to only pretend that there are certain basic civil liberties; that you have a right to privacy. In the midst of the revelations that have occurred surrounding the NSA scandal, Covel discusses an article titled "Big Brother Is Really Watching Us". Covel talks about the extraordinary invasion of privacy we're experiencing and why people don't seem to care. If the revelation is that the United States government is basically spying on everybody, it says that things are extremely unpredictable. In Covel's world--the trend following world--you can benefit from the chaos. The extravaganza happening right now is just another example of why you can't trust the system. You have big brother tracking everything you do, so why do some people not seem to care? Covel explores, questioning whether there is a grand Stockholm Syndrome present in the US today. Covel surmises that the unpredictability today means that we'll have chaos and market movement. So how do you make money in this situation, where you can't trust Social Security or retirement programs, or what the Federal Reserve is going to do next? You need to be in an absolute returns mindset. The idea of going for the averages, mimicking the index, is going to keep you by definition average. In the midst of the chaos, trend following is a fantastic opportunity. Covel also comments on an article by Sam Jones which doesn't seem to understand that trend followers have losing months, which gives way to a conversation on media manipulation of trend following strategies. Covel doesn't care about the masses that are frightened; they're just going to stay frightened. He wants to help people that want to see it clearly for the first time and get motivated, or just to reinforce those out there that already acknowledge the chaos and still want to make money in this crazy environment. Don't trust that the man behind the curtain will take care of you. You can get ahead in an unpredictable world, and trend following is a great way to benefit from the chaos. Free trend following DVD:

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