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Michael Covel talks to Tim Pickering, founder/president and lead portfolio manager of Auspice Capital. Pickering has over 15 years of commodity and financial trading experience. Prior to forming Auspice, Pickering was Vice President of Options Trading at Shell Trading Gas and Power in the Houston and Calgary offices. He began his career at TD Securities in Toronto in their elite trading development program and gained experience in a wide expanse of capital market products including foreign exchange, bonds, money markets and derivatives. Ultimately, Pickering held the Senior Trader position for the energy derivatives portfolio. He has extensive experience trading OTC and exchange traded options, futures, swaps and quantitative trend following systems. Covel and Pickering discuss some of his beginnings, "black boxes", indexing, and classical vs. "next generation" trend following.

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Michael Covel interviews Thomas H. Basso, a trader who was called "Mr. Serenity" when he was profiled in Jack Schwager's "New Market Wizards". Basso was a stock and commodities trader who was president and founder of Trendstat Capital Management. He is the author of two books, "Panic-Proof Investing" and "The Frustrated Investor". Basso became a registered investment advisor in 1980, a registered commodities advisor in 1984, and was elected to the board of the National Futures Association in 1998. Although he is now retired, there's no half-life for experience in the trend trading world, and Basso has a wealth of knowledge that is relevant to today's trader. Covel talks to Basso about the psychology behind his trading; how he kept his - and his clients' - emotions in check; and how being an entrepreneur can make you think differently. Basso also discusses his beginnings - buying his first mutual funds at age 12 - and how he moved from a chemical engineering position to his career as a trader and money manager. Further topics include how trading for clients can be different than trading for yourself, and the importance of concentrating on process vs. outcome.

Note: This original #10 episode has to been updated to include all Basso interviews so far. 4 hours plus!

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Michael Covel monologue.

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What does golfer Bobby Jones have to do with trend following? Michael discusses a new IBM commercial featuring Jones which has a number of ideas relevant to trend following - why the process is much more important than the outcome, and how you can't engineer predefined performance results. Consistency in your system, not trying to predict exactly how something might unfold, and sticking to the process are key concepts in trend following. Also: will the huge amount of data that you now have access to change how you approach the markets? Probably not - if you're a trend following trader. Michael discusses the difference between data and knowledge. A healthy dose of attitude throughout - no apologies. Special Offer: receive free DVD delivered to your home or office:

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Michael Covel interviews original Turtle trader Michael Shannon. In a timeless archival interview given while doing research for his book, The Complete TurtleTrader, Covel talks with Shannon regarding Shannon's experience in the Turtle program with Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt. Shannon offers historical insights and anecdotes regarding the legendary Turtle story. Topics include Shannon's unlikely background; the personalities of Dennis and Eckhardt; why Turtles with outsider backgrounds were generally more successful; and whether or not Dennis and Eckhardt were inspired by the film, "Trading Places". In the second segment of this podcast Michael interviews trader and investor Jim Byers. In the 2006-2008 period, Byers started studying trend following; since then, he's started a fund with his partner, Todd Miller. Covel and Byers discuss how trend following can still be a winning game even if you aren't right the majority of the time. Further topics include more in depth "light bulb" moments that Byers has had since taking up trend following. Special Offer: receive free DVD delivered to your home or office:

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